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Tambola is a popular version of Bingo and Housie which is played across the world. We are introducing a modified skill based version of this popular game. Here you purchase tickets using the fuel points available in your Oleum application. Once entered into the game, the system generates numbers that are randomly drawn for the audience. You mark the numbers off your tickets if you have it after each number is called out. There are 5 types of categories to win: Fast five, Top row, Middle row, Bottom row and Full house.

If you think that you have a winning category, claim it right away to win the allotted Fuel points!!

How To Play?

There Is 5(Five) Winning Claims In This Housie Game:

Early Five

Top Line

Middle Line

Bottom Line

Full Housie

Note: You need to click on the “Claim” Button to claim any prize since there could be multiple players claiming for the same prize, the first one to claim for the prize is declared winner of that particular prize.

Different games have different prizes, you can check the notification section to check the prizes available for your particular game.

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