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Fuel Tambola is Oleum’s exclusive gamification platform. The new concept of Mobile Gaming is catching up across the world and Fuel Tambola is an appropriate platform for offering free fuel points which can be dispensed by anyone at ease. This game can be played by any user who has activated the tickets to play. Here the rewards are given through Fuel points and this fuel can be redeemed at the nearest Fuel Station tied up with Oleum.

Through our platform we want to help the workforce and their families to be entertained and engaged while earning fuel rewards. We are an innovative fuelling social entertainer that has been started recently and many corporates have shown interest in utilizing this during this pandemic time under these work-from-home situations.

Through our platform, we want to facilitate the process of building morale among the employees and work force which in-turn helps in increasing their productivity. We also provide offers and rewards in the medium of fuel.

Corporates can arrange exclusive Fuel Tambola games for their Workforce.

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