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Oleum is India’s 1st E-commerce platform for fueling which offers extra rewards/freebies through fuel promotions with unique features like Contactless Fueling - Online Purchase and Dispensation, patented “My Can” concept – to store fuel digitally, Mileage Tracker for fuel consumption reports, Digital Invoices, Transfer Functionality and the latest & one of a kind “Fuel Tambola Game”.

We are a focused, customer-centric Bengaluru based start-up providing value-added services in the fuel distribution chain.

Fuelpreneur is an Affiliate Marketer for Fuel Tambola Game/Oleum. Read more on Home Page.

Yes, Fuel Tambola is a part of the latest Gamification Model from Oleum.
Yes, you will find a game icon in Oleum application which will redirect you to Fuel Tambola.
Fuel Point is a rupee equivalent value to receive fuel from any Oleum-linked fuel outlet.
You can purchase FP from the Fuel Promotions on Oleum application through any mode of payment.
You can dispense Fuel Points to either Buy Fuel from any Oleum Linked Fuel Station or you can use it avail Tickets in Fuel Tambola Game to participate in tournaments.
Yes, the Fuel Points won as rewards will be credited your account. You can use the same to Buy Fuel from Oleum Application.
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